3D Printer
Season 4, Episode 8
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Air date April 17, 2014
Written by Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Jonathan Krisel, Karey Dornetto & Graham Wagner
Directed by Jonathan Krisel
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Late in Life Drug Use
Getting Away

3D Printer is the ninth episode of season 4 of Portlandia. It is the thirty-sixth episode overall.


Mr. Mayor unveils Portland's official 3D Printer. Santa is concerned about the future of Christmas. A minister reminds us that church is an option.



Main CastEdit

Special Guest StarEdit

  • Kyle MacLachlan as Mr. Mayor

Guest StarringEdit

  • Ed Begley Jr. as Minister
  • Michael Nesmith


  • Sam Adams as Mayor's Assistant
  • Pat Boyle
  • Keith Cable
  • Edric Carter
  • Gray Eubank
  • Dana Millican as Package Recipient
  • Dorothy Nesbit
  • Caitlyn Nolan as Monica
  • John San Nicolas
  • Robb Wijhausen as Biker Jim


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