The Storytellers
Season 7, Episode 1
IMG 5904
Air date January 5, 2017
Written by Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Jonathan Krisel, Karen Kilgariff, Graham Wagner
Directed by Carrie Brownstein
Episode Guide
Noodle Monster
Carrie Dates a Hunk

The Storytellers is the Season 7 premiere of Portlandia. It is also the fifty-eighth episode overall.


Fred and Carrie consult with a storytelling expert. A traveler checks into an unconventional hotel. The weirdos discover Bed, Bath and Beyond.



Main CastEdit

Guest StarringEdit

  • Vanessa Bayer as Preger
  • Claire Danes as Acting Instructor
  • Mitchell Hurwitz
  • Natasha Lyonne
  • Run the Jewels as Themselves


  • Rob Campbell
  • Curtis Cook
  • Rachael Perrell Fosket as Rachael
  • Jaime Langton
  • Erin Jean O'Regan
  • Adam Pasi
  • Janet Scanlon


Memorable quotesEdit

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